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Welcome to Project Echelon


Founded in 2006, PROJECT ECHELON is a UK-based Xbox360 gaming resource, incorporating an active clan community and gaming industry news centre.

We are predominately an 18+ community and believe in a true community ethos whereby all our members are valued, respected, and everyone has a chance to contribute to making Project Echelon into something they can call their own.


RIP Paul Cornforth - Corny2211


This website is dedicated to the memory of Paul Cornforth, who known by his Xbox gamertag Corny2211 was a valued member and close friend to many in this community.

Xbox Music to be free online
News - Gaming Industry News

Xbox Music to be free online

Microsoft is making its Xbox Music streaming service available for free on the web - even to those who do not use Windows 8.

Microsoft announces ‘Xbox One'
News - Gaming Industry News

Xbox One Reveal

Microsoft finally pulled the wraps off its Xbox 360 successor during a media gala at its Redmond HQ on Wednesday

GEARBOX & SEGA sued over ALIENS: Colonial Marines
News - Gaming Industry News

Aliens: Colonial Marines

A class action lawsuit has been filed against SEGA and Gearbox regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Battlefield 4: Dinosaur Easter Egg
News - Gaming Industry News

Battlefield 4: Dinosaur Easter Egg

How To Trigger It !

Activating the Rogue Transmission dinosaur roar through hidden buttons on the map

Use Money instead of Points on Xbox
News - Gaming Industry News

Use Money instead of Points on Xbox

From the Xbox Live Team -

Transactions on Xbox will soon take place using your local currency instead of Microsoft Points. This change will make it even easier for you to access and enjoy the games, apps, HD movies and TV shows, and other great content you love on Xbox!

Microsoft back track on Xbox One launch polices
News - Gaming Industry News

Xbox One

In a stunning turnaround, Microsoft announces plans to change the Xbox One controversial features and policies

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